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  People thank their parents with two days: Mother' s Day, on the second Sunday in May, and Father' s Day, on the third Sunday in June. These days are to show love for parents. They raise their children and educate them to be good people. They give them love and care.

  The tWO days are celebrated(庆祝)in many different ways.On Mother’S Day,people wear carnations.Wearing a red one means having a living mother, while a white one shows that the mother is dead. It' s also a day when people whose parents are dead visit the cemetery. On these days families get together at homes as well as in restau-

  rants.They often have outdoor barbecues(烧烤聚会)for Father’S Day.These are days of fun and good feelings.

  Another tradition(传统)is to give cards and gifts.Children make them in school.Many people make their own presents.These are more valued(宝贵的)than those bought in shops.It ’8 not the value of the gift that is important, but the love for the parents. Card shops, florists, candy makers, phone companies and other shops do lots of business during these holidays.






  Which is not a reason for children to show love for parents?

  A.Parents love and take care of children.

  B.Parents pass away before children grow up.

  C.Parents give education to children.

  B【解析】题干意为“哪一个不是儿女表示对父母爱的原因?”从文章第一段最后两句“They raise their children and educate them to be good people.They give them love and care.”可以找到选项A和C。而选项B的意思是“父母在儿女长大之前就去世了”这个不是理由。

  What do you know about "carnation" .9

  A.It only has two kinds of colors.

  B.It refers to the clothes people wear on Mother' s Day.

  C.It' s a kind of flower showing love and best wishes.



  参考解析:C【解析】题目是要我们推测“carnation”的含义。从文章第二段“0n Mother's Day, people wear carnations. Wearing a red one means having a living mother, while a white one shows that the mother is dead.”可以看出来carnation应该是一种花,而且是在母亲节佩戴表示特殊意义的花。选项A文章没有提到它就只有两种颜色。由此可以见,本题的正确答案应为C。

  On Mother' s Day and Father' s Day __

  A.people usually have family parties

  B.everyone goes to the cemetery

  C.children always go to parents' home

  参考解析:A【解析】采用排除法逐一看选项。文章中提到“On these days families get together at homes…”可以看出在这些节日经常举行家庭聚会,文章中只提到父母死了的儿女才会去公墓,选项B是错误的,选项c文章没有谈到。

  what do you think "florists" do?

  A.They sell flowers.

  B.They make bread.

  C.They sell clothes for Mother' s Day and Father' s Day.


  What can we learn from the passage?

  A.Both festivals are in May.

  B.Hand-made gifts are more valuable.

  C.Not all the children love their parents.

  参考解析:B【解析】采用排除法逐一看选项。文章中第一段提到母亲节是在五月.而父亲节是在六月,选项A是错误的。再来看选项B,文章中第三段提到“These ale more valued(宝贵的)than those bought in shops.”因此是正确的。选项C文章没有提到。


  In AmsterdaIIl(阿姆斯特丹),there is an unusual Children Restaurant.It is run(经营)by children.From the manager to the cooks,waiters and other members are all children from six to twelve years old.They themselves do all the necessary work such as cooking and cleanin9.These children are selected(挑选)in Amsterdam.After train-ing(亚博娱乐pt客户端--任意三数字加yabo.com直达官网),they may work in the restaurant for four weeks.All of them like their work.

  This restaurant was founded(创办)in l983 by a woman cook,who wanted to give children chances to leam to be useful to the public.And now she is the only adult(大人)there,but her job is just to take care of the children.

  The restaurant is welcomed almost by everyone.Since there are only 20 seats in the restaurant,it is always full of people.

  If you want to have a meal in the restaurant,you must tell them ahead of time(提前).The cost of a meal is different according to different people.Usually four dollars for each adult,but much cheaper for the children.And its business hours are only on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons.







  Where is the unusual Children Restaurant?

  A.In Holland.

  B.In Poland.

  C.In England.


  How old are the people who run the restaurant?

  A.Over 20.

  B.From 16 to 21.

  C.From 6 to 12.


  Why did the woman cook set up this restaurant?

  A.To earn money.

  B.To give children chances to learn to be useful to the public.

  C.To attract customers.


  How many seats are there in the restaurant?





  If you want to have a meal in the restaurant, what should you do first?

  A.Make a reservation.

  B.Telephone them.

  C.Just go there.

  参考解析:A【解析】文中提到“如果你想去该餐馆就餐的话,你必须提前告诉他们”,意即“预订”(make a reservation)。